Monday, 12 August 2013

Onam away from home

I missed the Indian monsoons in the French summer. And now there goes Onam! Not even a semblance of a festive mood thousand of miles away from home ! I suppose this is the first time I am not at home for Onam. The big thing is I miss the OnaSadhya. Given my rudimentary culinary skills, I did the best I could. I made some decent sambar with help from MTR, but the 'payasam' was a disaster! However, Onam ended on a sweet note as I watched Kamal's mesmerising movie 'Meghamalhar'. It is a very sweet and sensitive drama - beautifully scripted and embellished with fine performances from the lead actors. I won't say too much - the beauty is in the way the story unfolds. Long time since I saw such a wonderful Malayalam movie.

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